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Seven Oaks Lavender Farm is a small family-owned and operated lavender farm in Catlett, Virginia. While we're not far from Washington DC, we can attest that life is better among the blossoms!

Home Aromatherapy!

By Katherine Oakes for

Holistic remedies, like the use of essential oils, have become more widely-accepted in recent years. Lavender is perhaps the most recognized and commonly-used essential oil by far, and according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy it reduces stress and anxiety and assists with the regeneration of skin cells either with wounds, burns, bites, or irritation and itchiness. In other words, aromatherapy is nothing to sniff at.

Fortunately, lavender aromatherapy can be enjoyed easily in the comfort of your home to create an even more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. It’s eco-friendly and turns your home into your own private sanctuary? At Modernize, we couldn’t think of a better reason to stay in.

Here are 4 ways to enjoy all the benefits of lavender oils


A sweet and simple way to enjoy the benefits of lavender’s heavenly scent in your home is with the use of sachets. Small muslin pouches filled with dried lavender, like the one from Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, work great and look great when placed in different nooks and crannies around the house. Place a few in the bathroom along with your toiletries in a cute basket to spruce the space up and keep things organized. Keep one or two in a sock or lingerie drawer to give your garments a fresh and lovely scent.

Lavender Linen Spray


While sachets most certainly get the job done, a lavender linen spray is a more concentrated form of the essential oil that you can spritz directly onto whatever fabric or material that you like. Since this linen spray is a natural alternative to other home fresheners that are likely to be filled with harmful chemicals and airborne carcinogens, you can apply it generously throughout your home without having to worry about what you’re releasing into the atmosphere. Spray it on your pillows and sheets before bed for a peaceful nighttime ritual, or use it on your couches and chairs when they start to get that “lived-in” sort of smell.

Lavender Infused Bath Salts

It’s hard to imagine anything more soothing than soaking in a hot tub with lavender scented bath salts, like these from Seven Oaks Lavender Farm. Bath salts aren’t just comforting because you are completely immersed in steaming hot water with nothing to do but relax and close your eyes after a long, hard day of work—okay, well maybe that is a big part of it, but bath salts reduce inflammation and irritation in your body in the same way that lavender does for your skin. These two ingredients together enhance the other’s medicinal properties, making it a truly healing experience.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are a great and effective way to enjoy the benefits of an aromatic essential oil like lavender. Inhaling these scents by way of a diffuser is healthful for your respiratory system and your state of mind. As our bodies absorb the diffused molecules of the oil from the air, it can have a direct effect psychologically by reducing stress and anxiety. All it takes is a simple sniff.

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