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Seven Oaks Lavender Farm is a small family-owned and operated lavender farm in Catlett, Virginia. While we're not far from Washington DC, we can attest that life is better among the blossoms!

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Mixing & Matching

We are creators and experimenters, so over the years, in addition to our "all lavender" essential oil products, we have paired lavender with other sympathetic essential oils and fragrance oils to create a variety of pleasant blends.  Generally, we find that lavender hides a bit, so usually the blends are five parts lavender and one or two parts other scents. If you want to experiment making blends yourself with your essential oils, you can start with this recipe and tweak it to your preference. Naming things is fun! Some of our blends have French-sounding names or what we refer to humorously as  "Frenglish."  (As you'll see in our family story there is a "French Connection" and it's also nice to put all those hours spent on high school French for use for something!)  These eight blends are available in linen sprays, soy-wax candles and lovely lotion. They are as follows:

*June Perfume (Lavender & Honeysuckle) Created in 2017. In June the lavender blooms, and around the farm in a less auspicious place than the lavender field, honeysuckle blooms trail along the fence rows. So sweet. Brings back childhood memories. These two scents pair in an irresistible way.

L'air de Lavender (All Lavender)  Simple favorite.

*Lavender Belle (Lavender, Lily of the Valley, & Gardenia)  This is a fragrance homage to our lavender matriarch, Edith Williamson, whose favorite perfume is White Shoulders and who carried lily of the valley in her bridal bouquet. Created in 2014.

Lavande et Menthe (Lavender & Spearmint)  Calms you down and wakes you up!

Lavender Sunshine (Lavender, Lemongrass & Sweet Orange)  Created in 2010.  Imagine standing in the lavender field on a sunny day. Loved by all!

*Lavender Vanilla (Lavender & Vanilla) created in 2018. Toasty vanilla enlivens the scent of lavender.

*Madame Lavender (Lavender & Rose)  So classic. So elegant.

Monsieur Lavender (Lavender & Patchouli) a masculine delineation, yes, but we made it for our sister-in-law, so obviously ladies like patchouli too!

*We believe in the healthful, natural and healing properties of essential oils and when we can use them exclusively.  But in a some cases, the flowers we love do not produce essential oils, so we do use fragrance oils for those.  Currently the fragrances we use are rose (Madame), vanilla (Lavender & Vanilla), Lily of the Valley & Gardenia (Lavender Belle) and honeysuckle (June Bloom).

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‘How could such sweet and wholesome hours
Be reckoned but with herbs and flowers?’
- Andrew Marvel

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Making Our Room Sprays


Do you know and love our room sprays?

If so, than you may already know that we have 10-12 different varieties, all with their own special mixes of lavender and other floral scents. Each one is made with all natural ingredients and provides a way to add a nice fragrance to your house without the use of chemicals.

If you’ve been thinking of making your own spray – maybe you have a particular scent that you want to experiment with, or you want to make one of your favorite store-bought brand sprays more eco-friendly – than here is how we make ours to be all-natural with just the right amount of fragrance!

To begin, the items you will need to have a few items handy:

  • Spray Bottles and Caps
  • Essential Oil
  • Water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Eye Dropper
  • Gallon Jug
  • Measuring Cups
  • Pouring Cylinder

Then, there is a bit of prep work.

If you are making sprays for the first time, you will need to purchase your preferred scents and experiment with their ratios. For the most part we use essential oil to scent our sprays, but in some cases when essential oil is not available to achieve a specific scent, we use fragrance oil.  If you are using small amounts, these can be found at your local health food store. Larger quantities (like we use) can be purchased online through companies like Essential Wholesale online.

Experimenting with ratios can be a bit time consuming. Using a paper towel, add different drop amounts of various oils onto separate corners of the towel creating different mixes, and see which smells are most appealing to you. If you want to use lavender as one of your scents, we have found that you normally need 5x as much lavender as most other scents because it known as an undertone and its fragrance is easily overpowered.

Next, make sure you have spray bottles purchased. We get ours through SKS Bottle & Packaging, and we typically buy a small (4 oz.) and large (8 oz.) size. For smaller purchases, you can also check your local craft store.

Collect your water, vegetable glycerin and oil. Using your gallon jug, measuring cups and cylinder, mix the water and glycerin. Typically, our water to glycerin ratio is 9/10 water to 1/10 glycerin. The glycerin is added to prevent the ingredients from separating over time. Feel free to add the liquid to any size spray bottle, but know the mixture ratio will change depending on size.

The amount of essential oil or fragrance oil added is up to you. Depending on how potent you want your spray will tell you how much oil to add – the stronger the fragrance, the more oil. Use an eye dropper to put in your preferred amounts into your spray bottles. Be sure this is washed out after completion, as some oils as so strong they can eat away the rubber on top of the eye dropper over time!

After all of this has been completed – shake and enjoy! Good luck with your mixtures and happy spraying! (And for those of you who don't have the time to make your own, you can check out our different varieties in the online shop!)


*Many essential oils are clear but a few and some fragrance oils are darker in color. You might want to pretest using them on a piece of fabric you don't love! 

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